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VoIP Solutions for your Business in Pattaya, Thailand or Worldwide

Fixed line network phone numbers are attached to physical cables that come into your office or home, DID numbers are attached to your IP PBX or IP Phone and connect via Internet to the phone company. When moving to a new office or home simply reconnect your IP Phones to the Internet at the new location and caller's can reach you instantly at your existing DID phone numbers.

Key Advantages

  • Higher Flexibly:
    You don’t need to drag additional analogue lines to your office or home in order to use DID Numbers. DID numbers are registered in your IP Phone and brought into your office or home via your existing Internet connection. It’s easy to add additional phone numbers or multiple channels allowing you to make and receive multiple calls at the same time on one DID number.
  • Convenience Features Include:
    All DID Numbers come with Caller ID so you can always see who is calling you and you can call people back if you missed a call. If you want to have a Caller ID attached to your analogue line your Telco will typically charge you an extra fee for this convenience feature. Other convenience features like call forwarding, call blocking, call waiting, voicemail etc. are features of our IP Telephony solutions and work with all phone numbers.
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  • No Roaming Charges when Receiving Calls on International DID Numbers:
    When you receive calls on International DID numbers in Thailand you don’t have to pay any roaming charges, unlike you would have to when receiving calls on a foreign mobile phone number in Thailand.
  • Keep your Phone Numbers when Moving:
    When you move to a new office you can easily bring your DID Numbers along to your new office. If you ever moved in Thailand you will know that you cannot bring your analogue office phone numbers along when moving. With our Thai DID Numbers this problem is solved - finally!
  • Free Calls:
    You can usually make free calls between DID Numbers from the same VoIP Service provider that are registered within different SIP devices anywhere in the world.

We can offer you DID Numbers from more than 60 Countries...

International DID VoIP Numbers

With International DID Numbers most companies want to drive their overseas business inquiries whereas most individuals want to make it easier for their friends & family from abroad to stay in touch with them. International DID Numbers easily allow companies to establish a virtual presence in many countries around the world and are a great way to access or test a new market without bigger investments.

Example: International DID Number setup You have customers in Singapore but your office is located in Thailand. When customers from Singapore want to reach you, they dial your local phone number in Singapore and you can pick up the phone in your Bangkok office. If you call clients in Singapore, they will see your Singapore phone number showing up on their phone display.

Local Thai DID VoIP Numbers

With Thai DID Numbers most companies want to gain higher flexibility as they can keep their office numbers when relocating to a new office. Furthermore, they can easily avoid paying the ฿ 5,000.- installation charge per phone line that is often requested by the office building management. Much better voice quality than calls via fixed line network and the attached Caller ID that allows calling customers back bring in more extra advantages. Last but not least it’s possible to add multiple channels allowing making & receiving multiple calls on a single phone number at the same time.

Example: Thai DID Numbers for People Living Overseas Thai DID Numbers are perfect for Thai people who work, live or study overseas and want to make it easier for their friends & family to reach them. Relatives in Thailand can simply call a normal Bangkok 02-DID-Number from their mobile phones making it cheap and convenient to stay in touch.