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The Current Conditions of SEO in 2016

With the number of mobile users still rising it’s very important to keep your website up to date for mobile users. There are two things to help you doing this. First off to test how mobile friendly your website is, use Google’s mobile friendly test to analyze your website and see suggestions. To see how your website looks on different device formats take a look at the Resizer Tool.

Second off, optimize your page speed. Enhancing the loading time is very important for mobile users since they don’t have 4G all the time. Having a short loading time will also give you a small ranking boost.

Voice search:

Voice search is becoming popular more and more and it is available for mobile devises, desktops and laptops. Searching with voice search changes the nature of search queries since we use our natural language, the queries become longer.

For instance, in these voice searches we often use interrogative particles like “how”, “who”, “where” and “when”. Using this information, Experts will understand the way customers interact with their brand to create a more user-friendly content structure.

Switching to https:

According to Backlinko, which analyzed over 1 million search results to see which factors correlate with high rankings, websites with https had strong correlation with first Google rankings. Not surprising, since Google uses https as a ranking factor.

Switching to https can be complicated and mistakes are made easily but it can be worth making the effort.

User Behavior:

It’s known that search engines use bounce rate and the time on site to evaluate the effectiveness of a website.

High bounce rates isn’t necessarily an indicator that your page isn’t working good enough but it should be taken serious and it’s a sign for you to change or to improve the appearance of your website.

Right Hand Ads:

As you might have noticed already, Google removed Right Hand Ads in search results. Ads will now only be displayed on top or below organic results. This will definitely have an effect on the click-through rate, but how big it will be, is speculation for now.

Google AMP:

Google search results have now highlighted links to websites using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) architecture. AMP uses exiting open web technologies, adding some and changing others, suggesting syntax such as the rather funky html. It’s build to improve web experience in form of making pages more performant and giving advertisers a practical, trusted way to continue what’s a pretty important income stream.

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