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Most Common Website Mistakes

With millions of websites out there and each with a different intention like promoting their business, providing online services or keeping their readers up-to-date, there are several mistakes many website have or things the owners fail to include or to develop.

Many websites fall short to express their purpose or add contact information which will eventually cost the owner a lot. Seeing those seemingly simple mistakes, we decided to make a list of the most common mistakes websites have.


Being generally the first thing visitors see, the homepage is probably the most important page of any website. If visitors don’t get enough information about the purpose of the website or its design isn’t appealing, it’s most likely that they’ll just leave it.

Make sure visitors get your intention right from the beginning. For instance, if you are selling something, make it obvious by including promo banners, mascots and catchy phrases. Since it’s likely that visitors will scroll down if something’s not appealing to them, ensure that the most essential part of what you think will catch the visitors eye is the one that initially fits on the screen.

Contact Details

You will lose many potential customers if they can’t find your contact details. Because it is the most crucial thing for you and your customers to eventually start business. Whether you put the Contact Us link in the footer or in the main menu, just be sure it’s clear for your visitors. Also add phone number and address if you offer services or to promote your business. Therefore a Google maps add-on that shows your exact location is highly recommended.

About Us

Not showing any information about the history, the company or the owner isn’t very trustworthy. Knowing who they’re dealing with and what experience you have, makes you more reliable and makes the potential customer more comfortable to contact you for business. It also promotes your firm by showing background and what you’ve done thus far.


Last but not least, you should have an FAQ section, because there are always questions that come up and instead of wasting your time by answering all those questions from your visitors one by one, provide an FAQ to not only save your time but also the customers.

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