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A Short Guide to Local Search Engine Optimization

SEO has changed like almost every other area of online marketing in the last couple of years. The reasons are quite simple: Google, the undisputed leader among the search engines, has changed. New features have been integrated into Google search and with that also new possibilities to be found.
One of these changes involves mainly local operating companies such as retailers or local service providers. Google shows a map with indicated businesses for search terms with local reference.

For instance:
In this screenshot of search results you can see a map of Pattaya. In it are all marked Language Schools which are found by Google. The results are also listed in the “regular” search results. The special feature: Instead of showing only title, URL and a brief description, the address and a phone number are displayed directly. Thus, the approach is simplified and the seeker finds all relevant information without having to visit the website itself.

The question which now arises is: How can I create a listing for my business?

Getting started with local search engine optimization

In order for your business to appear in the local search results as in the example shown, there are a few important points that must be observed. However, this is not rocket science.

1. Create a My Business account.

Therefore just sign in with your Google account and follow the instructions. Detailed guidance are also given by Google.

2. Creating further listings in other business directories

Apart from creating a listing on Google My Business other business directories should also be used. Important: Always make sure that both the name and the address and other contact information are the same. This helps Google to recognize that all items belong to the same company.

3. Adapt your own Website

Insert address or especially the place on your Website. Many companies make the mistake to show these information only under “contact”. However, if you are a language school in Pattaya you should say or write it directly.

These first three steps are the basics for the local search engine optimization. The most important thing is the first step because Google hereby recognizes that the company is located in this area and therefore the local reference can be made.

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