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RankBrain Googles New AI-System

One of the biggest issues of the future is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and we’re closer to use it than we think: Because Google boosted its search engine using the AI-system RankBrain.

Google-Search: RankBrain delivers results for unique search requests

For years Google has been investing in the research of artificial intelligence in order to improve its own products. Hence that Google brought artificial-intelligence-specialist and futurist Ray Kurzweil as director of engineering to the company in 2012 as well as taking over the AI-firm DeepMind last year. Now RankBrain delivered the first results to the Google search engine.

According to Bloomberg, a big part of the millions search requests entered in every second into Google are already interpreted by the AI-system. RankBrain especially helps working on requests that have never been requested before. Google research scientist Greg Corrado says that 15 percent of the million requests were never asked before. RankBrain assists the search engine classifying these requests to deliver fitting search results – with great success.

According to Google, RankBrain achieves better results than the man

Corrado says, RankBrain is one of hundreds of factors which are important to the Google search results. Although few weeks in use, the AI-system already took the third place in terms of relevance. According to Corrado, the test run was better than expected at the beginning.

To test how well RankBrain works, the developer of the AI-system were entrusted to classify the search results by their relevance. While they rated 70 percent of the results correctly, RankBrain reached 80 percent.

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